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Dear Rasika, I like to acknowledge you, your company and your further customers that every hour of the 6 days of Rasika's service as a driver for our recent trip was very well impressed us.

Firstly Rasika gave plenty of time to patiently wait for our slow visiting activities. So we were able to fully indulge all attractions and interesting places.

Due to Rasika's best effort to drive us carefully to every destinations and many adjustments to coup unexpected difficulty creat our at most satisfaction.

For example in case it rain Rasika will adapt timing of our tour program to be in shelter place. Not only all places were completely visited but more interestings were added. When we were discourage by Thai old book bad information Rasika even encourage us to get up Sigiriya Rock. He also gave some warnings which saved us from not good guy there.

Lastly we choose new hotel with nice environmental view wish was not well known and rather difficult to find them. But Rasika could successfully discover them all.

On behalf of Thai senior couple I want to express my sincere appreciation to all your enthusiasm for meeting our requisitions.

We will always remember this marvelous good time in Sri Lanka provided by Rasika and Rasika tour company . Of course everybody I known will be apprised too.

Yours truly,

Theerawood from Thailand.

Friday, December 11 2015 - 02:54 PM