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I will arrange day tours according to your wishes. Below are some examples of one day tours.

PACKAGE 1 - Sinharaja Rain Forest

Sinharaja is a unique rain forest in the world. Most of the endemic plants and animals can be found here. It is about 9000 Hectares in extent. It is a home to many rare animals,birds,butterflies,insects,reptiles and trees. It is gift of nature for the nature lovers.

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PACKAGE 2 - Kandy

Starting at 6.00 AM. On the way we can visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage after drive straight to Kandy (If you Likes you can have a Elephant Ride). there can visit the Temple Of The Tooth (Dalada Malaigawa) and Botanical Garden.

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PACKAGE 3 - Yala safari

We should start from 7.00 AM or 3.30 AM. On the way we can see Asian Biggest sitting Buddha Statue in Matara(Weherahena) straight drive to Tissa to join the Safari at National Park Yala. You can see Elephants, Leopards, Deers.... and lot more are at open jungle. Also you can find lot of birds from the place.

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PACKAGE 4 -Udawalawa Safari

We should start from 8.00 AM to Udawala National Park. If you interested you can also submit to Udawalawa Elephant Orphanage for feeding Milk to the Baby Elephants. On the way back you can see 2nd Largest Blow Hole at Kudawlla and also Wavrukannala Temple. You can see many animals at open Jungle.

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PACKAGE 5 - Galle to Kandy & back to Galle

We should start at 5.00 Am. On the way we can see the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage (If you Likes you can have a Elephant Ride). After that, straight to Kandy, we can visit the Temple Of The Tooth and Botanical Garden.

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PACKAGE 6 -Kanneliya Forest 

We should start at 5.00 Am and straight to Kanneliya Forest (Beside of Sinharaja Rain Forest) Then take the path to see Duvili Water Falls with beautiful Pool.

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PACKAGE 7 - Galle City Tour & Visit Tea Factory

We should start at 8.00 Am and straight to Ancient Dutch Fort Galle. After visit the Galle city then turn to see the Tea Factory at Ahangama. On the way you can visit Turtle Hatchery, Koggala Lagoon together with lot of Spices & feel a Professional Herbal Massage.

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PACKAGE 8 - Madu River Boat Safari

We should start at 8.00 Am and straight to Madu River for safari. Same day you Also can watch Famous Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, Moonstone Mine, Silk Factory & Battik Factory.

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PACKAGE 9 - Kitulgala (White water rafting)

Weshould start at morning to reach Kitulgala to the place the providers of White water rafting The distance covered is around 5 KM. The river and its surrounding will make you feel enchanted, with a memorable Experience during your White Water Rafting Tour in Kitulagala.

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PACKAGE 10 - Galle to Adams Peek

We should start at 5.00 pm from Galle to reach to starting point to climb Adams Peek . You should start early morning at 2.00 am to climb the mountain. You can reach to the top of mountain after 4 hours walk. There you will see the Buddhist Foot Print, If you wish to stay until sun rising it will delight you by a beautiful scenery. Buddhist has a belief it called as “Soorya Wandanawa”.

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